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          Komar 科瑪

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          Homar company profile


                Homar has grown from a new-born enterprise to a comprehensive cosmetic group devoted to research and development, production, marketing and service.

               Homar adheres to the value concept of "win-win, risk sharing, benefit sharing and co-prosperity", to create value for customers, to create opportunities for staff, to create profit for investors, and to create wealth for the society. “With science and technology and thought of providing consumers with health and beauty products and services” is the permanent unremitting pursuit and goal of Homar. Staying realistic and keeping improving, providing the best products and services is the footstone of Homar development, and what is more the meaning of survival.





                One R&D center

                Homar Skin Care Research Center, consisting of Chinese and foreign famous R&D experts, establishing the long-term strategic partnership of cooperation with many famous international cosmetic enterprises and the world first-class skin care research centers such as French Anjia group, French Shadeline Lab and Japanese Naris Cosmetics.




                Manufacturing base

                Homar has set up the modern base of R&D and manufacturing as Homar Bio-Technology based on the international cosmetic standards of GMPC and FDA.

                Homar Bio-Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. is located in Huashan, Guangzhou with an area of more than 20,000 m2.





                Three business groups


                Leading OEM/ODM service

                Homar has successively served many well-known brands home and abroad with excellent enterprise culture and modern enterprise management system, advanced technology development and system quality management ability.