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          Komar 科瑪

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          Our service



                一、Create infinite value for you 
            Our professional team will offer the OEM/ODM partners the whole package of solutions from the product conception to the brand marketing heart and soul. With innovative technology research and development, we can decode the new products in the market and provide the hot products and special selling point products. With excellent price value, we offer the full range of value-added services from brand planning, design, product structure, raw material selection, formulation development, packaging, manufacturing, filling, packing and warehousing logistics to marketing. Homar has the independent import and export right, you only need to tell us the idea, and we will solve the rest for you. We will take the full care of you with the most professional services.

                二、Market research & planning services
                   Through the unscheduled investigation of consumers and the analysis of consumers’ consumption psychology as well as establishing the co-investigation team  with the served brands, we can discover and summarize the actual problems in the sales process and solve them.
                   Through the regular general investigation including marketing, product development and media promotion strategy on the brands at home and abroad, we dig out the market opportunities. And through the targeted competing goods survey on the served brands, we can make the strategy reference suitable for the brand development, breakout product image and marketing promotion.
                   Provide for the customers the services including packaging design, image design, visual promotion, brand culture, product strategy, price strategy, channel strategy, media strategy.
                三、Value-added service
              Free to assist customers with market analysis
                Free to provide marketing consultation  
            Free to help customers design product structure and make product planning
                Free to register trademark
                Free to provide business license
                Free to provide consultation for raw materials, formulation, packaging and production technology.
               free to provide agency service for quality inspection and sanitary inspection.
              Inspection on semi-finished products, finished products and packaging.
                Processing for semi-finished products and finished products.
                Warehousing and freight management services
              Provide office space in the factory and accommodation for customers.
                Paid to provide service for packaging design
               Provide the service for the information barcode declaration issued by the Chinese Goods Management Center.